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Ultimate Safaris is privileged to be operating in some of the most pristine and delicate wilderness areas on earth. We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of these areas and to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities who are living in, or on the borders of, these unique areas. We believe that the future survival of the environment and the natural inhabitants of these regions lies in the hands of these communities, and that this makes them pivotal in the custodianship of their surroundings.

The Tou Trust is Ultimate Safaris' registered non-profit organistaion and it is fully in support of such ideals. The Trustees have a deep understanding of all the areas in which we operate and they support the policy of responsible tourism that in turn supports and promotes conservation and development initiatives. Ultimate Safaris contributes a percentage of all our revenue towards the Trust, and these funds are spent on Tou Trust-approved projects. These projects range from assistance to rhino and predator conservation initiatives through to the improvement of schooling infrastructure in rural areas. In effect this means that embarking on a safari with Ultimate Safaris means that our guests and partners, jointly with Ultimate Safaris, give tangible assistance to the Namibian people and their environment in their efforts to achieve economic viability without doing harm to natural habitats and wildlife, so as to utilize both on a sustainable basis for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

We believe that successful conservation depends on meaningful partnerships with the communities in and around the wilderness areas in which we operate, sharing benefits with the people who open their hearts to welcome our guests into some of the world’s most beautiful natural locations.

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Where we have enriched lives…

Projects In Progress

In ProgressJustine’s Laundry Service

Projects 2017

18 Jul 2017Conservation Travel and GCF! 03 Jul 2017Conservation Travel and Desert Lions! 29 Jun 2017Conservation Travel and the AfriCat Health Check! 18 Apr 2017Mamadu Arts & Crafts 14 Mar 2017Elemetho Save the Rhino Song 22 Feb 2017Water is life!

Projects 2016

24 Nov 2016//Huab Rhino Ranger Communication 18 Oct 2016Rhino Ranger Program 14 Sep 2016Conservation Travel and Desert Lions! 26 Aug 2016School Outing! 14 Jul 2016Conservation Travel and GCF! 03 Jul 2016Conservation Travel and the AfriCat Health Check! 05 Jun 2016//Huab Conservancy Joint Venture 23 Mar 2016Anti-poaching Camp upgrades! 09 Feb 2016Mamadu on board!

Projects 2015

10 Nov 2015Rhino Ranger Program 18 Sep 2015Conservation Travel and Desert Lions! 11 Sep 2015​A comfy nights sleep! 08 Sep 2015Reading for the future! 02 Jul 2015Conservation Travel and the AfriCat Health Check! 16 Jun 2015Chad Man Walking 26 May 2015Rhino Ranger Program 18 May 2015Science at a young age! 12 Mar 2015Rare and Endangered Species Trust 11 Feb 2015​Grootberg Primary School Volunteer Accommodation

Projects 2014

20 Nov 2014​Anti-Rhino Poaching Camps 25 Jun 2014​AfriCat Foundation Vet Check 14 May 2014​Grootberg Primary School Blanket Donation 01 Feb 2014Grootberg Primary School Volunteer Program

Projects 2013

01 Nov 2013Desert Lion Guardian Project (IN PROGRESS) 01 Nov 2013Rhino Custodians Rapid Response Fund (IN PROGRESS) 01 Nov 2013IT Volunteer program at Grootberg Primary School (IN PROGRESS) 01 Nov 2013Drought schooling fund (IN PROGRESS) 24 Oct 2013Bursary Scheme (IN PROGRESS) 01 Aug 2013Donation to REST (Rare and Endangered Special Trust) 01 Jul 2013Donation to Desert Lion Project 01 Jun 2013Donation to Cheetah Conservation Fund 01 Jun 2013Donation to Save the Rhino Trust 01 Jun 2013Grootberg Primary School Citrus Garden

Projects 2012

01 Oct 2012Lion Guardians for Ehirovipuka Conservancy during the drought months 01 Aug 2012Nicky Bee Bee Farm 01 Aug 2012Spoons for Grootberg Primary School 01 Jul 2012Grootberg Primary School Computer Centre

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