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Eight years of continuous innovation between Ultimate Safaris and a custom vehicle manufacturer has resulted in the creation of the perfect state-of-the-art Namibian safari vehicle and considered a trend-setter. Our standard 4x4 safari vehicles are specially modified, air conditioned 7 seater Toyota Land Cruisers with pop-top roofs which have been selected for comfort, safety and reliability. These vehicles have been hand crafted to our specifications so that every guest has a comfortable window seat with good back support and recent models come with adjustable seats.

Every guest also has access to a personal library, which includes a series of guide books, maps, stationary and checklists. Each vehicle has 220 volt electrical charging points, allowing guests to charge electrical devices whilst traveling.

Fridges stocked with plenty of water ensure that drinks are always chilled and all vehicles are fitted with VHF inter-vehicle radios that allow multi vehicle groups to communicate with each other while ‘on the road’. These radios also enable us to communicate with local rangers in the eastern side of the Etosha National Park and local trackers in parts of Damaraland, ensuring that those ‘special’ sightings are never missed when your guests are in the area. Our guides also travel with their renowned ‘MAGIC BOXES’, which ensure all en route catering needs are taken care of, from a bush breakfasts, coffee and tea stops to majestic sundowners.

We also use off-road trailers to carry all additional luggage, a requirement that photographic groups have come to value. This removes the need to pack everything in and on the safari vehicle itself, leaving much more space for passengers to travel in comfort.

For airport transports we have very comfortable air conditioned Transporters and alternative vehicles for individuals wanting a more luxurious option.

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All our Land Cruisers are equipped with:

  • Roof pop Tops for better photography and game viewing vantage points
  • Air Conditioning
  • Onboard Fridge/freezers and plenty of water.
  • Personal library, which includes a series of guide books, maps, stationary and checklists.
  • 220 volt electrical charging point, to charge electrical devices whilst traveling.
  • Guaranteed window seat on every safari.
  • VHF inter-vehicle radios that allow multi vehicle groups to communicate with each other while 'on the road'

Our guides also travel with their renowned ‘MAGIC BOXES’, which ensure all en-route catering needs are taken care of, from a bush breakfast and coffee and tea stops to majestic sundowners.

Mobile camps

Ultimate Safaris has from the onset been synonymous with pioneering safaris in Namibia. Driven by an explorer-type determination and enthusiasm, we started by operating relatively lightweight mobile camps in impossibly remote corners of the country, but we have now moved on in committing to help preserve some of these wild places that have captured our hearts and our imagination.

As a result, we are delighted to introduce (or for some, reintroduce) Ultimate Safaris’ Journeys Under Canvas. Not so long ago, almost all our luxury safaris included some time where guests were accommodated “Under Canvas”, simply because this provided the best accommodation in the wild where no other infrastructure existed. Sadly, in some ways, the advancement of the safari era means that we no longer need to be quite so intrepid, but there are still plenty of places where guests can enjoy a quality camping experience when ‘roughing-it in style’ Under Canvas, which is particularly appealing to those who want to connect with the earth, culture and wildlife in a very up-close and personal way.

Under Canvas camps are designed to offer a true “back to nature” experience with an emphasis being on the experiential aspect of safari. We have identified a strong desire in many travellers to go back to the roots of safari, to touch, smell, feel and experience the wild, with ones feet firmly in the dust that covers Africa. This is an experience that is exclusive in the real sense of the word, as well as being very much away from it all!

Since these camps are not permanent, there is a certain amount of compromise required concerning some of the frills and other add-ons that you might expect in a permanent tented camp or lodge. For those prepared to forego some creature comforts so that they are unencumbered by buildings and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, they will be able to go to sleep hearing only the noisy silence of the desert and to wake up to a chorus that announces the start of a new day. It’s the kind of intimacy only achieved by taking guests to the most wild and remote places, and then moving camp before the inhabitants of that environment have got used to their presence and adapted their behaviour accordingly.

Our Under Canvas camps are non-participatory and are serviced and equipped to ensure that guests can stay in great comfort and to allow them to relax and revel in the feeling of space and solitude that makes Namibia so special. Added to that, we consider good food and wine to be an important part of the overall experience so our catering in camp is of a suitably high standard - even in dry, desolate areas where this can be hard to maintain. Delicious, wholesome meals with local delicacies are prepared for each meal time using fresh local produce wherever possible. All our camp chefs have their own unique specialties and guests are cared for by a caring warm tribe, who absolutely love what they do.

In fact, our guests are taken care of by some extraordinary people whose only desire is to ensure that each moment spent with us is as perfect as possible. From being pampered in camp, to having days filled with thrilling encounters and enjoying nights entranced with exclusivity beyond most people’s wildest dreams, our guests are looked after by a tribe of magicians who aim to leave lasting impressions - and it goes without saying that the tribe members know exactly what is expected of them to create the perfect Namibian safari.

Our Under Canvas camps use large rectangular Meru tents (4m x 3m and 2.5 m high) with built in groundsheets and mosquito screens on all doors and windows. Each tent is equipped with solar lighting, bedside table, comfortable standard height camp beds and mattresses with normal bedding as well as an additional blanket and a hot water bottle for those chilly nights, and a cabinet in which to store clothing and other belongings that need to be accessible. Towels and toiletries are also provided in the bathroom which also has its own toilet (flush or field depending on the location of the camp), bucket shower and washbasin. A small table, mirror and solar lighting are also provided in the bathroom, and chairs on the patio allow guests to relax and enjoy the surrounding view.

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