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05.07.2013 / BRUNNER on safari with TARRY

Namibian Safari

5 July 2013

Kalahari - Rock Monitor lizard

Heading south towards the Kalahari we stopped to view a rather large Sociable Weaver nest. On closer inspection we found the birds under quiet a bit of distress, We then saw a large rock monitor lizard laying on top of the nest using his strong claws to break open the nest from the top and eat the eggs inside.

12 July 2013

Wolwedans - Small Spotted Genet

Upon arrival at the Wolwedans base camp and checking in with our guide we herd some commotion from the trees in the court yard, were we found a small spotted genet climbing a small thorn tree in search of the red headed finches and house sparrows nests.

14 July 2013

Walvis Bay - Grey Whale

During our boat cruise within the Walvis Bay harbour we were lucky to find and spot the extremely rear Grey whale. This bottom feeder is normally found in the northern hemisphere but has been in Walvis Bay for 2 weeks. It was a very rare once in a lifetime sighting! We also saw 2 southern right whales beyond the point.

15 July 2013

ErongoMountains - Pangolin

The best sighting of our tour and on the best of my life was an incredible sighting of a small wild pangolin while en route for a sundower in the Erongo Mountain range. We found the rare and endangered pangolin under a bush next the road. It was very relaxed with our presence, allowing us to take some great photos. We strayed with the small pangolin and followed it as it moved quickly through the bushes in search of ants, returning to the vehicle after dark.

17 July 2013

Damaraland - Desert adapted Elephant.

Our search for the desert adapted elephant lead us away from the dry river bed and deep into the hills to the north of the Aba-Huab river. We found a group of 14 elephants drinking from a small farm water tank. We stayed with them as them moved into the Mopani trees. After further tracking we found a single mother with a tiny 2 week old baby elephant. It was amazing to watch the mother carefully tend to the tiny baby.

20 July 2013

EtoshaNational Park

On our first morning drive in the park we found 6 lions walking away from the Dolomite Point waterhole. We waited for the lions, 3 male and 3 female to cross the road in front of us. We then followed them as they moved through the scrub.

Later that drive we disturbed a mother and calf black rhino which took off running across the road heading for the safety of the thick Mopani trees. On our way back to the lodge we spotted a young black rhino bull grazing near to the road. He was not disturbed with our presence and we watched him grazing peacefully for over 30 minutes.

21 July 2013

EtoshaNational Park

Today we travelled across the western section of the park heading for Andersons gate. We found 2 male lions playing on a termite mound at Sonderkop waterhole and another 7 lions laying in the shade right next to the road at Otiozumbari Waterhole.

21 July 2013

Ongava Reserve - White Rhino

On our pm game drive we found 5 white rhino in close proximity to each other. We were able to get close to the rhino and could hear them chewing the grass. We moved away from the rhinos and enjoyed a beautiful sundowner watching the rhinos peacefully grazing. On our way back to the camp we saw 4 more White rhino near to camp and 2 male lions

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