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16.01.2013 / GUIDE EDUCATIONAL safari with ORLANDO

Namibia Safari

20th January 2013


Soon after entering the Hoanib River we found fresh tracks of a large elephant heading west along the river bed. Our spirits were lifted even higher when soon spotted some fresh signs of elephant activity only to be rewarded by finding a large male desert adapted elephant standing under a large Ana tree in the middle of the river bed. It was just past lunch and he was enjoying the thick shade escaping the mid day heat. Due to his calm posture we were able to slow move past him without him even batting an eyelid. We left the gentle giant and proceeded further west were we found 4 more elephant (2 adult cows and 2 youngsters) resting in the shade. The youngster about 1 year old was oblivious to our presence and we watched him climb between moms legs to suckle while she kept an eye on us. With the sun beating down on the car we decided to move on and find some shade our selves.

21st July 2013

South of Hoanib River

Today we head further south from the Hoanib River across the barren landscape towards the Uniab River. Along the drive we saw many larks and sparrow-larks flying in front of the vehicle and were amazed at the abundance of springbuck, Gemsbok and ostrich around a small spring. The sighting of the day was of a small Namaqua Chameleon perched on top of a dolomite rock. They do this to allow the wind to cool them down while escaping from the radiant heat from grounds surface. We watched him for a bit before continuing on our way.

22nd July 2013

Palmwag Concession

Just before leaving the concession heading towards the Palmwag Lodge, we spot a single cheetah. It jumped out from behind a large Euphorbia damarana where it was relaxing in the shade and ran across the valley into the river bed. We managed to spot it climbing out the far bank towards a large clump of shady trees. It was great to see a cheetah in such a rugged environment.

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