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01.05.2013 / SABELLA on safari with TARRY & JC

Namibian Hiking Safari

3 May 2013

NamibNaukluft National Park - Black Rhino

During the 8 day hiking trail through the rugged yet amazing scenery we came across a variety of mammal and bird species. Being on foot gives one a chance to really appreciate the animals in there natural surrounding.

Just after leaving camp on day 3, on a cold and windy morning we were very lucky to spot 2 endangered black rhino browsing high on a hill slope. Fortunately we were able to climb the opposite hill allowing us a great view of the rhino across the valley without the being aware of our presence. The mother and calf were peacefully grazing in a small depression out of the wind and shortly after seeing them they both ly down in the sun. We sat in silence allowing the significance of the sighting to settle in and to appreciate how lucky we were.

Soon after our peaceful rhino sighting we stumbled onto 2 more black rhino. This time unfortunately we were not so lucky because once we had seen the rhino we were extremely close, only 25 meters, away on foot. We quickly took refuge to higher ground amongst some rocks. The Rhinos had been sleeping up a small tributary out of the wind with her small calf, and quickly picked up our scent which sent her and the calf charging through the bush towards the river, exactly were our path would have been. We were fortunate to experience the true power and speed of the rhino without being in dangers way.

8 May 2013

NamibNaukluft National Park - Spotted Hyena

On our last night on the trail we were joined by two guests. Shortly after finishing dinner and after cleaning up we had two inquisitive spotted hyena walking around our camp. They followed us in the shadows as we moved around and prepared for bed. Once in bed we could here there foot steps as they inspected the entire camp before moving off into the darkness.

9 May 2013

Namib Naukluft National Park - Hartman Mountain Zebra

During the decent back to the start we stumbled across a large herd of 42 Hartman mountain zebra using the same path as we were descending off the plateau. They stayed a comfortable distance ahead of us allowing us close enough to view them but at a safe distance. It was nice to see a large herd in the remote area. Just before reaching camp and the finish we spotted a Black Necked Spitting cobra in the river and after raising its hood to threaten us, it quickly moved off into a deep crevasse.

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