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02.05.2013 / SIX PARTY on safari with ELVIS

Namibian Safari

3 May 2013

EtoshaNational Park

Our game drive into the Etosha National park was amazing from the very start. At our very first waterhole we found 3 male lions lying in the shade about 30m from our vehicle. It was a great way to start a safari. We watched the lions for a while before moving off. Half on hour later and just leaving Okaukuejo we found 11 spotted hyenas walking across the road heading towards the pan. The clan had just finished drinking and were heading towards their den.

Our great sightings continued when we found 8 lions near and around Olifantsbad waterhole. The lions were scattered around with a lioness lying in the shade on the southern side of the waterhole and a young male lying in the shade on the eastern side of the waterhole. An impressive male lion and 3 lionesses were walking along the side of the road heading away from the waterhole. We managed to move into a position to allow them to walk right past our vehicle, only meters from these powerful animals. The remaining two males were feeding on a recent kudu kill but there wasnt much left after the rest of the pride had eaten their full. We stayed with the lions for a while watching them fight over the scraps. We moved off once the main pride had disappeared into the thicker bush. We thought we had seen the best when to our luck we found a female leopard relaxing in the shade on the southern of the Aus waterhole in the shade. She wasnt worried about the vehicle and we were able to get a great view of her. We then returned to Olifantsbad to find no signs of the lions at all but instead a herd of 9 elephant heading towards the waterhole. We watched them drinking and having a bath before heading off.

We stopped at Okaukuejo to stretch our legs and found another 2 large bull elephant drinking at the waterhole. It was interesting to watch them drinking only the freshest water as it was pumped in. What a great morning!!!! And we returned to the lodge for a well deserved lunch.

3 May 2013

Ongava Game Reserve - White Rhino

After a great morning in the park we took part on an afternoon game drive within the Ongava Game Reserve. We found 4 white rhino resting around a waterhole. One of the rhino was resting in the shade close to the waterhole while the other three were drinking side by side.

4 May 2013

EtoshaNational Park

Today we made our way west across the park into the previously restricted western section. It was fascinating to see the change in animal behaviour between the two sections and we were luck to see 26 elephant at different waterholes and next to the road as well as a pride of 8 lions lying near the Otizonmabari waterhole.

9 May 2013

Damaraland - Desert Adapted Elephant

This morning we found the fresh tracks of a herd of desert adapted elephant heading west down the dry river bed. We followed the tracks and were happy to find a herd of 7 elephant moving towards a spring. The beautiful contrast between the green river foliage and dry barren rock landscape was incredible and highlights the elephants amazing ability to survive in these harsh conditions.

10 May 2013

Springbok Gate - Black Rhino

While exploring the springbuck river we were very fortunate to spot a single lone black rhino resting in the shade up a small tributary. We felt very luck to see such an incredible and endangered animal in its natural environment.

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