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17.06.2013 / ULTIMATE NAMIBIA # 3 on safari with TARRY

Namibian Safari

20th June 2013

Walvis Bay

During our morning boat cruise we were fortunate enough to have a large pod of bottlenose dolphins playing in the wake of the boat for around 30 minutes before they moved to the nearby shore to feed. They gave us an amazing display of speed and accuracy to herd the fish closer to shore. The most memorable sighting for the boat cruise was a brief sighting of an extremely rare grey whale. This bottom feeder has only been seen 3 times in 2 years. Just before reaching the harbor we stopped and lured a sub-Antarctic skewer closer to the boat. This deep sea bird sometimes rests in the harbor before heading out to sea again.

22nd June 2013


Our search for the desert adapted elephant was long and difficult as we tracked there faint sights through heavy bush and over rocky terrain before we eventually found 13 desert adapted elephant in the hills north of the Petrified forest. They had moved into the area in search of water and new grazing. We watched as these gentle giants walked pass us down into the valley.

23rd June 2013


After seeing signs of elephant on the pass we were rewarded with over 50 elephants grazing in the Mopane trees east of the Grootberg pass.

24th June 2013

EtoshaNational Park

After leaving Dolomite camp, we headed east across the park towards Okaukuejo stopping at various waterholes along the way. We were fortunate to spot Honey badger running towards Duneveld Waterhole but being very quick and nervous he didnt stay long. The highlight of the day was an amazing sighting of over 50 elephant bathing, drinking and playing at the Okaukuejo waterhole during lunch.With luck on our side we arrived at exactly the right time to see the large group appear out of the distance heading for the waterhole at speed. This was one of the main highlights of the entire trip as everyone sat in awe watching the elephants perform in front of us. For the next hour we watched these amazing animals drink and bath with the youngsters playing in between the adults legs.

25th June 2013

EtoshaNational Park

Today we drove further east across the park to Halali Rest Camp. The morning drive didnt reveal much other than a few birds and a lone black rhino wandering through the bush near Homob waterhole. Just before lunch we had over first major break through for the day with 18 elephant drinking and bathing at the Goas waterhole as well as a mating pair of lions resting under a bush near the waterhole. After a few minutes the lions got up and moved deeper into the bush out of sight. Our best sighting for the day happened just before sunset at Nebrowni waterhole. As we arrived we spotted a single lioness stalking a small herd of springbuck in the distance, but unfortunately the springbuck were moving too quickly for her to move into a decent position. After giving up the chase she moved off into the thick bush and we thought it was all over but decieded to wait around for a while. As luck would have it she returned to the waterhole to give us an award winning show as she called out before rolling and stretching less than 20meters from the vehicle. She then moved to the waterhole to drink allowing us some great shots with her reflection in the still water. After having her fill she once again moved off into the distance and out of sight. Just before returning to camp we spotted a large male elephant moving slowly towards Okaukuejo. We waited on the road for the large giant and allowed him to walk right in front of the vehicle close enough we could here every stone move under his feet. With that amaz

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