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28.03.2014 / NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC on safari with JASON & NESTOR

Namibian Safari 28 March - 9 April 2014

28 Mar 2014

Naankuse - Wild dog

During our afternoon activity at Naankuse we were fortunate to watch a pack of rare Wild dogs quickly devour a warthog. What a sighting to start the safari!

29 Mar 2014

Naankuse - Aardvark

Our early morning activity was very fun and hands on when we took a baby orphaned aardvark for a walk. We watched as the little baby tried to feed while walking around our feet. It was amazing to spend time with such a rare and shy animal.

29 Mar 2014

Africat Foundation - Leopard

Our afternoon activity at Okonjima was very exciting and equally successfully as we tracked and found two individual leopards within the Okonjima Nature Reserve. First we found a male leopard which was walking through the open scrub. We stayed with him until he found a comfortable resting place for the afternoon. We were able to get within a few meters but the view was obstructed by the thick bush. We left him to enjoy his afternoon and decided to search for another leopard, where we found a female relaxing on the ground. She was a bit uneasy with our presence and quickly moved off into thick bush were we werent able to follow. She might have had a kill nearby and didnt want us to disturb her meal.

1 Apr 2014

Etosha National Park - Plains Game

Our afternoon drive on the eastern side of the Etosha National Park didnt reveal any hidden gems but we were very surprised at the large number of game which had moved into the area due to the recent rains. We saw an abundance of plains game along the edge of the pan. The lighting conditions were excellent and made for some great photographic opportunities. We saw a large concentration of giraffe moving across the open areas.

2 Apr 2014

Etosha National Park - Lions

The afternoon drive searching the eastern side of the Etosha National Park was stunning with some really good sightings. The drive started with us finding a pride of lions playing on the edge of the thicket. The pride consisted of about 5 adult females, and 10 one year old youngsters. They were all relaxing and playing and completely undisturbed by our presence. After leaving the Lions we spotted a single black rhino about 100m from the vehicle in the open. The Rhino was walking steadily towards the bush and we soon lost his as he disappeared into the bush. Shortly after seeing the rhino we had to stop to let a huge male elephant bull cross the road in front of us. Judging from the wear and tear on his tusks and skin we could see this was a really old mature male. It is always amazing to see these gentle giants in close proximity.

3 Apr 2014

Etosha National Park - Lions & Black Rhino

Today we game drove our way through the park seeing an abundance of plans game and fantastic birds. Just after arriving in the park we found the same pride of lion from the day before. This time the group had been joined by a large male, which was playing with the cubs. The highlight of the trip happened around 11 when nearing the pan we spotted a single black rhino walking along the road. We drove alongside him for over 15 minutes. He walked right past the vehicle allowing us to take great photos. It was great to be able to be so close to a black rhino, and to spend so much time with him before he moved off. This was really one of the best rhino sightings I have had in Etosha.

5 Apr 2014

Damaraland - Desert Adapted Elephant

After reaching the lodge we took part in the exciting afternoon activity. During the drive we explored the areas around the lodge looking for desert adapted species. Around 17h00 were found a herd of 7 Desert adapted Elephant walking in the river bed in search of food and water. We watched them move peacefully through the area. On the return route to the lodge we spotted a single black rhino grazing on some euphorbias far in the distance. The rhino was aware of our presence and moved into some thicker bush for protection.

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