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27.02.2014 / ULTIMATE NAMIBIA #1 on safari with TARRY

Namibian Safari

1 Mar 2014

Sossusvlei - Dune Lark

During our early morning excursion into the spectacular Sossusvlei area we stopped at Dune 1 just after sunrise to search for the endemic Dune lark. After a short walk unexpectedly we found 6 dune larks during their nice areal display.

2 Mar 2014

Walvis Bay - Red-Necked Phalarope

Upon arrival in Walvis Bay we drove along the lagoon to the salt works in search of waders and flamingoes. We saw over 1000 Chestnut Banded Plovers within the lagoon area as well as 7 Damara Terms and thousands of Greater and Lesser Flamingoes feeding along the lagoon. The highlights of the day was a sighting of 12 Red-Necked Phalaropes floating in the lagoon area as well as 7 Oyster Catchers roasting on some rocks close to the guano platform.

4 Mar 2014

Achab Campsite- Herero Chat

This morning after a short search and some calling we found a pair of Herero chats sitting on the dead trunk of a Commiphora bush.

5 Mar 2014

Erongo Wilderness Lodge - Hartlaubs Francolins

Our morning walk was very enjoyable with many great bird sightings. We were fortunate to spot 4 adult Hartlaubs Francolins walking in front of the group before taking flight.

7 Mar 2014

Kalkfeld - Leopard

After leaving Erongo Wilderness lodge we made our way north towards Etosha National Park. We were extremely lucky to spot a pair of leopards next to the road. The pair consisted of an adult female and a 6 month old cub, which were relaxing on a small granite outcrop next to the road. They quickly moved into the thicker thorn trees once we stopped. It was a great sighting of a wild leopard, something many people never get to see.

8 Mar 2014

Etosha National Park - Black Rhino

This morning we headed out on an early morning drive which was very successful. We managed to find a Black Rhino grazing in the distance near the Newbronii waterhole. Later that day we found another Black Rhino only 20 meter from the road relaxing in the shade of some acacia trees near Sueda.

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