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08.04.2014 / WESSELL on safari with JASON

Namibia Safari

9 April 2013

Ongava Game Reserve - White Rhino

We had a really exciting afternoon game drive on the Ongava game reserve were we found 4 white rhinos in close proximity to each other. The male was very interested in the females activities and approached slowly. The female did not enjoy having the male close to her young calf, which resulted in a heated stand off between the two rhino. With a great deal of snorting and pushing the male backed off to a safe distance. While enjoying a sundowner the male walked about 20m past our vehicle,

10 April 2013

EtoshaNational Park

We decided to spend the entire day in the park heading into the central sections providing some great game viewing. Just after entering the park we saw two adult lions lying on the side of the road. We watched in awe as the male mock charged a bus as it made its way past.

Large animals are not the only interesting thing to see in National parks as we soon found out when we watched an adult Martial eagle attempt to catch a Guinea fowl. This conflict took over 20 minutes as the eagle tries twice to catch the guinea fowl but was hassled by a pair of crows which distracted the eagle. When we thought the Guinea fowl had escaped the martial managed to snatch it up in its talons as the Guinea fowl came out from behind a log. The eagle carried its hard earned prize away from the crows to eat in peace.

Just before lunch we found a large herd of elephant crossing an open area. We could see they were heading for the nearby waterhole and decided to wait for them to arrive. A few minutes after settling at the waterhole the herd of elephants arrived heading straight for the car. We had a great view as the 36 elephant drank and played in the mud.

11 April 2013

Africat Foundation - Leopard

Our afternoon activity was really action packed as we attempted to track down a leopard. After a long search and some difficult off road driving through thick bush we found the leopard lying in a small opening. The leopard was undisturbed by our presence and after a while walked in front of the vehicle along a small river creak and into the dry river bed where we were unable to follow.

12 April 2013

Africat Foundation - Cheetah

Our morning activity was also very successful when after a 500m walk we found a cheetah resting in the shade of a small acacia tree. We watched the cheetah at close proximity for about 30 minutes before it moved off into the long grass.

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