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21.01.2014 / WISE on safari with TARRY

Namibian & Botswana Safari

22 Jan 2014

Africat Foundation - Leopard

Our afternoon search for leopard started with a huge surprise when we found a collared leopard within the 2000ha safe area. We acted quickly to open nearby gates and managed to chase the leopard back into the conservation area. With the leopard being very stressed we decided to search for a different animal. We soon found another signal and the real search started. In-between a heavy shower and some very difficult off road driving we found a female leopard and 5 month old cub eating on a warthog in very thick bush next to a small river. We watched the two feeding for about 30min before they moved deeper into the bush and out of sight. Was really great to see 3 leopards in one drive and play a part in the conservation for the foundation.

23 Jan 2014

Africat Foundation - Cheetah

Our early morning cheetah tracking activity also started with a surprise. As we were about to depart from the vehicle and begin the search on foot we saw a leopard moving through the bush. We followed the leopard in the vehicle and watched in amazement as the leopard chased a single male cheetah off a fresh kudu kill. The leopard chased the cheetah for a further 2 or 3 km before losing interest. It was fantastic to watch the interaction between the two predators.

23 Jan 2014

Etosha National Park - Elephant

Upon our arrival into the park and en route to Okaukuejo we found 2 very large male elephants next to the road. The one male was showing clear signs of Musth, so we gave them space as her crossed the road in front of us.

24 Jan 2014

Etosha National Park- Lion & Rhino

Our early morning drive around the southern areas of the National Park was very successful when we found a single black rhino bull grazing about 70m off the road. We watched him as he slowly moved deeper into the bush. The rest of the drive was dominated with lion when we found a large single male lying in the open at Gemsbokvlakte waterhole and a small pride of 5 lions, 3 male and 2 females on the W-detour road. We soon discovered that both females were in estrus. We watched the males mating with both females before the heat drove them deeper into the Mopane trees out of sight in search of shade.

25 Jan 2014

Etosha National Park

Today our game drive took us across the park heading towards the eastern side. We were amazed at the number of plains game feeding on the new shoots in the open areas. Just before lunch we found black rhino 10 m from the main road, also feeding on the new growth. He was very relaxed and had a great sighting as he slowly grazed towards the pan. The best sighting of Etosha was a small breeding herd of 23 elephants walking down the road just after lunch east of Halali. We watched them as they approached spread out across the road. We positioned the vehicle in such a way to allow them to walk past the vehicle but with enough space as to not to disturb them. We then followed them as they walked along the road drinking at the small puddles next to the road and enjoying mud baths in the muddy patches. It was great being so close to them as they went about their business.

About half an hour later we found a herd of giraffe looking very distressed. After a short search we found a young male lion lying in the deep shade about 100m off the road.

26 Jan 2014

Etosha National Park

Our early morning game drive on the eastern side of the park revealed some amazing sightings, which started with two spotted hyena walking across the pan towards there den after a night of hunting. They walked right passed our vehicle before disappearing into the thick bush. About 20 min later we spotted a single cheetah drinking out of a small puddle in an open area, but it quickly moved to lie in the shade of a small bush to escape the sun.

The afternoon drive was action packed from start to finish, beginning with a spotted hyena running across the pan with a springbuck in its jaws. The hyena stopped about 30m from the car in a puddle of water to eat the sp

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