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25.08.2017 / Cheetah, Leopard and an African Rock Python

On a recent Namibia tour, one of our guides and his guests had a really lucky streak through Etosha.

They were staying just outside the Etosha National Park on the wonderful Ongava Game Reserve when they went on an afternoon drive. While on the drive they saw what looked at first like a simple speed bump on the road - it turned out to be a massive, massive African Rock Python! African Rock Pythons are Africa's largest snake, but they are very secretive and very seldom seen. The snake managed to sneak into the bush before they were close enough to take a good photo, but it was a special sighting, nonetheless.

The Ultimate Safaris guide on this trip was Ronnie. Ronnie and his guests left Ongava Reserve and went on to stay in the east of the park. The east proved to provide some amazing cat sightings. Cheetah are seldom seen in Etosha, and guides might do several trips without seeing one. But Ronnie and his guests managed to have two sightings of cheetah with cubs (one adult with 3 cubs, the other one with 4).

But, the stand out sighting of the trip was to be a leopard. Near the Klein Namutoni waterhole, on the far east of the park, they spotted a leopard in a large tree. The leopard seemed very relaxed. Ronnie and his guests watched for a while. Other tour vehicles had a look at the leopard as well, but eventually they all left.

Ronnie and his guests were eventually the last people watching this sighting when they realized that there were some Black-faced Impala nearby, seemingly unaware of the danger in the tree. Suddenly this calm scene transformed into a burst of action - the leopard bound down the tree in a swift movement, and with explosive movements, was quickly on the back of a male Impala. It was so fast that the Impala stood no chance, and the leopard managed to kill it swiftly.

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