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Namibia / 11 Life Enriching Experiences

Travel with an Ultimate Safaris Naturalist Guide

Travel in the company of a remarkable Naturalist Guide who will turn your safari into a life enriching journey whilst you experience some of the world’s most beautiful wild places, encounter wildlife spectacles and engage with authentic age-old cultures.

Be part of Africa’s most remarkable conservation movement

Enjoy your time away with a clear conscience knowing that Namibia ranks as one of the most progressive conservation-orientated countries in the world. Travelling here gives tangible assistance to the Namibian people and their environment.

Track endangered black rhino on foot

Walk through the desert regions in the cool of the early morning while you watch the reassuring figures of your guide and tracker masterfully interpret the signs of black rhino activity, ultimately bringing you up close to these endangered animals on foot.

Track cheetah on foot

Approach wild cheetah on foot with the help of modern telemetry equipment and experienced rangers, then have the opportunity to look one the most beautiful but endangered predators on this planet straight in the eyes.

Visit an authentic Himba village

Be welcomed into the homes of members of the proud Himba tribe, who have lived this way for millennia. Your guide will act as a vital link to these fascinating people, giving you an in-depth look into everyday life in an authentic Himba settlement.

Spend a day in the life of the San

Learn the art of survival in one of the harshest environments on the planet while spending time with the oldest living culture known to us. Join in their everyday life, hunting and tracking, gathering edible plants, and spending time around the holy fire.

Hot Air Balloon over the Namib Desert

The hiss of the burner is the only sound as you ascend in a wicker basket beneath a large balloon. The grey light of dawn coalesces into constantly changing colours of giant sand dunes as the sun moves across the sky and the desert below you comes to life.

Sea Kayak on the Skeleton Coast

Kayak the Skeleton Coast with seals, dolphins and the occasional whale as your companions. Your horizon will consist of the Atlantic Ocean and orange coloured sand dunes, creating a true appreciation of how this desolate coastline acquired its name. 

Climb the world’s highest free-standing dunes

Climb up the firm sand of the ‘knife edge’ of a free-standing dune whose summit reaches almost 100 storeys high, giving you a view of landscapes beyond the normal horizon in the knowledge that you are in one of the least populated places in the world.

Sleep under a spectacular blanket of stars

Marvel at the stars as the day draws to a close and the clear desert sky lights up with millions of stars. See the smoky streak of the Milky Way and the bright guiding light of the Southern Cross and hear your guide tell stories of galaxies a million miles away.

Fly over the Skeleton Coast

Fly in a light aircraft over the great sand sea to meet the South Atlantic Ocean and then fly along the Skeleton Coast, viewing deserted diamond mining camps, seal colonies and shipwrecks from a bygone era where the chances of survival here were very limited.

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